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Other Side of Me

Other Side of Me

Me. Me. Me. It seems to be the theme in our egocentric world. How will this product make me look younger? How does this election affect me? What can I do to feel better about me? How does this selfie make me look? Will this relationship help me? Do you like me? What about me?

Frankly, I’m sick of me. I focus too much on myself. And last Sunday I was challenged to see beyond myself when I heard Pastor Aaron’s Brockett’s thought-provoking question, “What is it like to live on the other side of me?” He continued to dig deeper, “What is it like to be in conversation with me, be friends with me, be married to me, be parented by me, work with me, live next door to me?” These questions instantly took me to a world beyond, well, me. It was not what I expected when I sunk comfortably into my seat to be inspired and encouraged that morning.

As I reflect on Aaron’s words, I wonder what life would be like if I really could view me from your eyes. What would I see? Would I like me? Do I really want to know? Would I do anything in response? Would I face the tough stuff that is there deep down but I have kept neatly hidden? I do not know. How could an all-out confrontation with me end well? It’s much easier not to know. Actually, I like who I am – I’m just fine, but thank you anyway, Aaron.

The reality is that I’m not. My eyes are out of focus, my me-centric perspective is skewed. I need others to help me see clearly – to lovingly point out my gaps, to challenge me to a higher standard, to empower me to a deeper foundation. Isn’t that where true growth begins? When we get to the end of ourselves and our eyes are opened? It’s when we realize and accept that we don’t have it figured out, that life is a process of living but also learning, and that each of us is a work in progress. Once we can truly see ourselves, flaws and all, we can choose to do something about it – tackle our issues, break those bad habits, rebuild that friendship, embrace those opportunities, complete the commitment, and finish the work left undone.

What is it like to live on the other side of me? You are the only one who really knows. So please be kind, be patient, but, most of all, be honest with me.


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