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Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

I am a multi-task master. Ask anyone who knows me. My life is full and in constant motion with no apparent end to the activity. New projects are queued up on the horizon, organized in a fine-tuned, well-seasoned system complete with a to-do journal now catalogued with tabs.

While being a good multi-tasker is usually considered a desirable skill, it’s a challenge for me. The problem is that I’m a great starter. When the gun goes off, I am full on and full in with abounding energy, commitment, and usually a color-coded project plan. Nothing will be done half-way, half-hearted – who runs a 5K when you can tackle a marathon? But then another gun goes off and another and another. You may remember the Vidal Sassoon commercial, “And she told two friends who told two friends and so on and so on and so on.”

The result. Lots of balls in the air. Piles covering the counter. Clutter occupying my home and mind. No peace.

Years ago I received great advice to combat this chronic condition, “Mom, stop starting and start finishing!” Nate said. It was clear my condition had a ripple effect on my family. Time to assess all the balls and choose the most important ones – stop juggling, catch, and actually complete something like this blog that I’ve been talking about for years.

The truth is that I’m still working on it. There are many things that excite me these days so restraint is even more difficult. But I’ve come to learn the hard way that just because something is a good idea does not mean the timing is right. Whether it be a relationship, a worthy cause, a child’s request, or a book that’s been simmering for years but yet to be written. Too much is always just too much.

So no more “starting,” at least for a while. It’s time to clear the counters and get things finished!


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