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"I don’t like to brag about myself so I thought I would let some of my readers help me out. I appreciate all feedback – positive and constructive – so please contact me at with comments, prayer requests, or anything you would like to share. Testimonial, anyone? I would love to hear from you!"

"Julie Osborne, first and foremost, knows how to spin yarn. She is a great storyteller, captures details and nuances that elude many of her peers, and she writes in a conversational style that engages the reader. She writes with passion and determination. You’ll enjoy her work as I do."

~ Steve Greenberg,
Co-Owner and Executive Vice-President, Current Publishing, LLC.

"To say that the writings of Julie Osborne are simply inspirational is like saying that grass is green. There is so much wisdom, intuition, and devotion in her written word … just like every blade of grass has its own hue."

~ Vicky Earley,
Business Owner, Artichoke Designs

"No one can connect with people like Julie. Her ability to reach people emotionally and spiritually has found her legions of friends. Why do so many people open up to Julie? Find out by reading her blog."

~ Brian Kelly,

Co-Owner and President, Current Publishing, LLC

"​Julie, I was reluctant to slow down my progress in replying to my daily barrage of emails but I couldn't let an opportunity to connect with you pass me by. I'm so glad I did redirect to your website. These blogs are wonderful. Not only do I feel each experience with you but I recall some of my own similar experiences. Keep writing; we need this kind of manna."

~ Rev. Mary Harris,

Christian Theological Seminary

"​I look forward to reading Julie’s inspiring devotionals every week.  Even though I'm not a dog owner, I have learned from your journey with Toto!  I love the focus on the importance of community and groups for support as we navigate the uncertainty and surprises of life. Please continue to encourage us with your beautiful words of faith and perseverance."

~ Diana Weir,
Group Leader Minister, Traders Point Christian Church

"Whenever I read Julie Osborne's blog I may not agree with her, but it makes me think that perhaps what I thought was correct was not. Julie's writing causes one to think about both sides of a situation and to not be so quick to judge when I feel the other person's opinion may not agree with mine. Her writing is very tightly formed with little waste of words."

~ Mark Sigman,

blog subscriber

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