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911 Friends

911 Friends

The move did not go as expected. An unplanned trip to the emergency medical facility was necessary – x-rays confirmed not one but two broken bones. As the movers scurried about and I stood numb among the boxes while absorbing the shocking news, my phone rang. “How’s the move going?” the caller inquired. “Not great. Mom broke her hand and her foot. She will be at the doctor all day, so I’m alone here with the movers.” Without pause, my concerned friend responded, “I’ll be right over.”

Teresa is what I call a 911 friend. She knows when her help is needed and shows up. Her reaction is instinctive because she pays attention and cares about me, not only during stressful moves but every day. She, along with my other 911 friends, have walked alongside me, through the hills and valleys, but especially when the bottom has dropped out. In these times of crisis they have been there, and their presence made everything better.

On that day, Teresa not only comforted me but also energized me. Her seasoned moving skills helped clarify what needed to be done, and we got to work immediately. The next day she even returned with her SUV and single-handedly loaded a big screen TV, large artwork, and miscellaneous pieces. When we arrived at the new residence with the goods, tears began to flow. My mom was worried about the remaining items at her vacated apartment where her lease had expired the previous day. She couldn’t believe it when she opened her door, and there we were with a loaded cart and lamps in hand. Emergency averted, thanks to Teresa.

I can’t imagine life without my 911 friends, who not only love and encourage me but also empower me. They have my best interests at heart and sometimes call me out to enable me to grow – even rebuke me when I wander off track. And I need that! These empowering friends don’t always tell me what I want to hear, but always what I need to hear – with an abounding love and grace.

So today I am grateful, not only for Teresa but for the many 911 friends I have been blessed with throughout the years. They have prayed, counseled, comforted, listened, taught, challenged, and sometimes even rescued me. Their presence has made a difference in my life.

Who are your 911 friends?


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