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Book Blurb – Do Nothing to Change Your Life


Stop. Reflect. Take time for self-discovery. That’s what this refreshing, 90-page book is all about. It takes us on Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s journey, as he shares what he learned about the importance of stopping to do nothing in the busy world that surrounds us.

“When I speak about what happens when we do nothing I am not in any way wanting to exalt laziness,” Cottrell writes. “Rather, I want to celebrate what happens when we dare to stop and reconnect with a hiddenness inside ourselves where rest and play issue forth all sorts of wild, unexpected and creative ways.”

I needed this book. For years I have lived constantly in motion, shuffling from one project or responsibility to the next. Never mind pausing to stop, movement was what was comfortable – it’s the only thing I knew. But perpetual activity is not always good and, at least for me, not usually from God. What I learned when I finally stopped was that God had some things to say that could actually help me. And it was in the pausing that I began to hear Him more clearly.

If you, like me, need to slow down to usher in the presence of God, I recommend Stephen Cottrell’s Do Nothing to Change Your Life — Discovering What Happens When You Stop.


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