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Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Signing: Me and My Dog

The monkeys were flying at the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Me and My Dog book signing party on Friday, March 15. With an Oz-themed celebration, cocktail wizard Chris served up not only salted carmel "Flying Monkey" martinis but also tropical "Ozmopolitans." While sipping martinis and indulging in specialty treats, guests enjoyed hearing an excerpt from Julie (aka "Oz") and Toto's tale from their "Home for the Holidays" story included in the book. With a jam-packed room, the party was a huge success and over 40 books were sold! All proceeds were donated to 4 Precious Paws Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic, the organization that rescued Toto. Thank you to all who stopped by for a martini and a book!


Meet Author Julie Osborne

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