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My Word for 2024

The countdown is on. As I type, 2023 is about to come to a close, whether we like it or not. There is no stopping time, and the years seem to be racing by at bullet-train speed. To make matters worse, my breathtakingly beautiful Christmas tree stands before me loaded with memories – hundreds of them, that is. Many from throughout the decades; some from the past year. Each one tells a story as my mind lingers for a moment until I’m jolted back to reality. The tree has to come down – all 500 ornaments must be carefully packed away for another year.

It’s not the way I want to start my new year. Decorating the tree was a joyous ushering in of this holy season and became a stroll down memory lane with each ornament hung. Taking it down … that’s another story. It’s no fun at all! And if I’m completely honest with myself (and anyone reading), the tree isn’t the only problem. Through much self-reflection and now public confession it has become clear that while I’m a good starter, I’m not as good a finisher.

Whatever the task is before me, I tackle it with gusto! Like a SpaceX rocket launch, I blast off with excitement and have the ability to propel into a hyper-focused mode of productivity. But then something happens. Distraction. Overscheduling. Exhaustion. Procrastination.

For example, three partially written books sit in my office in progress, but none have made it to the publisher. Writers’ block is not my problem. Writers’ stop is. So, this year I’m doing something about it.

To keep me anchored and on track, I have chosen “Complete” as my focus word for 2024. As this new year begins, I am pledging to finish what is already in progress before forging into new projects. The piles will finally be conquered, books will be written, and home projects completed. This should keep me busy for at least the whole year – and maybe the next one!

With that said, it’s time to tackle the tree!

What’s your word for 2024?


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