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New Year, New Word

New Year, New Word

It’s a new year and time for a new word. “Steadfast” was my word for 2019, and it served me well. This past year brought many hills and valleys, but despite the rough terrain I stayed the course and even grew – in my faith, patience, and especially trust in the Lord and His plan for me and my loved ones. While challenges will always remain, I didn’t ride the waves like in past years. Steadfast was a perfect word, not only to keep me steady but also to remind me of God’s love during those tough times. I highly recommend it if you’re still searching for your word for 2020.

Speaking of a word for 2020, what will it be? After much prayer and reflection, the word “clarity” continues to bubble to the top. It seems an obvious choice with it being the vision-related year of 2020, and it just fits my life right now. I’m seeking clarity – with my writing, relationships, projects, and communities. I continue to have too many balls in the air. Even with years of practice, I have yet to perfect my juggling – and I don’t think I’m suppose to. I just need to put some balls down. But which ones? While the many opportunities that continue to emerge are a blessing, they can also become overwhelming to the point of complete exhaustion where my body forces me to stop.

So clarity is my word. My hope is that I will become more discerning to determine the “no’s” to enable me to move forward with the “yes’s.” This is my year to remove distractions to intentionally create space to focus on what God desires for my life. Without clarity there is confusion. The fruits of confusion are disillusionment, discouragement and a whole lot of wasted time and energy. Confusion is not God’s plan or will for any of us. It’s a tool of the enemy.

So I’m moving forward into this new decade praying for clarity. Clarity fuels passion, conviction, and a laser-beam focus. That’s what gets me most excited for this new year ahead.

What word excites you for 2020?

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace…” (1Corinth. 14:33 ESV)


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