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Pandemic Perks

By: Toto (with a little help from Oz)

Something is going on in my world, and I wonder if it’s happening in yours too. It seems this something is not so good for humans, but I’m beginning to see some perks for me and possibly my other furry friends.

Let’s start with the most noticeable one: grooming. I haven’t had to go to that place where they chop my fur off in a while. I personally think my female friends like my hair long, but my mom keeps getting it cut short which makes it fluffy and cute (not cool). Speaking of my mom, I don’t think she’s showered in a while. Grooming seems to be optional. Sometimes she hangs out in her robe and pj’s all day, which actually makes for better snuggling. And I kinda like her new scent – very earthy.

That’s not the only noticeable smell in the house. Mom has been cooking – a lot. And sometimes I get to try samples. She’s been making us both eggs every morning, and then I nestle into her lap while she reads her morning devotion and prayers. She’s praying a lot, and I like it because it just means more time together – and time with God.

There’s been a lot of exercise too. Our walks actually happen every day – no matter the weather. And they’ve gotten longer. Mom doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get home, so I have more time to sniff and enjoy all the discoveries along the way. Life has slowed down. I like this new pace, especially since my legs are so short.

But one troubling thing I’ve noticed is that my mom is talking to her computer now – and it talks back! There’s no one else in the room even though I hear familiar voices. That part is very strange but she’s spending a lot more time at home, so I hope her conversations with her computer continue for a long time.

And that leads me to the very best perk of all: I have my mom all to myself. There have been no visitors, only a few trips to the grocery store, and lots of time watching shows curled up on the couch. There are Christmas movies nonstop all weekend long on our favorite station – the Hallmark Channel. Some nights we cuddle up and even fall asleep together dreaming of Christmas. The only thing missing is the tree, which I actually don’t miss at all because those prickly things get stuck in my favorite carpet. So it’s Christmas without the tree – that works for me!

I don’t know how long this strange situation will last, but I’m grateful for it – and the perks along the way, especially being home with my mom.


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