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Prodigal Pup


He was snuggled into my lap as the sun beamed down on us. It was my weekly Facebook Live Bible study from my front porch, and things weren’t going as planned. About 30 minutes into the lesson the heat became intolerable, and Toto began to fidget. With the Bible in one hand and my squirming six-pound rescue in the other, I attempted to forge on. We were live, and the show must go on!

The distraction of my unsettled pup became too much to handle, so I reached down and placed Toto on the cool aggregate porch. He seemed to relax immediately and even dozed off to sleep, which enabled me to refocus my full attention on the lesson.

After the chaotic start, I was able to get back on track. Our online conversation was engaging as I unpacked the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Near the end of the broadcast, I noticed movement below me. Then the barking started. Toto shifted from my feet to the back side of my chair, and soon silence returned – just in time for the closing prayer. The broadcast ended, and a sigh of relief came over me. Then I turned around…

Toto was gone! I didn’t realize it until I watched the video later that night, but when Toto stopped barking he started running – right down the front walk. Panic immediately came over me until I saw that my neighbors had captured my runaway. They found him several houses down while they were walking their own dog. As I ran towards them and scooped Toto up in my arms, I was overjoyed and filled with gratitude.

Later, as I reflected on what had happened, it occurred to me that I had not only just taught a lesson on a beloved family member who was lost and then found, but I had just lived it.

My beloved prodigal pup was now safely back home.


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