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Something New Along Our Yellow Brick Road


I have always been a fan of the Wizard of Oz, although the Wicked Witch caused many sleepless nights growing up. Don’t even mention the flying monkeys! “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” fills me with awe as I sing along in wonder of what’s really up there. And then there’s Dorothy’s unexpected encounters on her search to return home to Kansas, forming friendships with other seekers along the way. Courage, love, and wisdom they desperately desired, not realizing they had it within them all along. Then, of course, there’s the Wizard, the powerfully scary ginormous face that grants wishes only after the completion of ridiculous life-threatening, unnecessary requirements. In the end, he was a fraud, but somehow received a hero’s sendoff. There’s a lot going on over that rainbow!

Like Dorothy, there is a yellow brick road before us. And at this halfway juncture of life, it’s a natural time to stop to reflect on our past and to be intentional with our journey ahead.

And that’s exactly what our new newsletter is all about!

Our goal is not only to encourage and empower you but also to enlighten you with biblical perspectives and expert resources that will help you embrace this midlife season. I don’t believe in coincidences and see every encounter as an opportunity to grow deeper in our relationships with each other and with God.

Speaking of relationships, there will be some friends joining me and Toto along this journey — and occasionally on our porch.

Meet The Queen Mother …

Queen Mother

Greetings! I have held many esteemed titles:“Erma Queen,” “Dancing Grammie,” “Gigi, Mama,” but “The Queen Mother” is my favorite – and, yes, I do own a crown (or two). As a contributing writer, I hope you will embrace and enjoy your later years of life as I have. My mantra is “It’s Never Too Late,” and you can borrow it too.

Through stories, I will be sharing ways to not only cope but also enjoy your “golden years,” with humorous tales of how I managed to survive the challenges that arrived through moves, marriages, and being a mom. Did I mention that I have seven children and 23 grandchildren? When I’m not writing, I love to tap dance and lead a group called The Follies, which travels to retirement facilities to bring joy to many who are homebound.

So be on the lookout for my posts, sharing hints for happiness at midlife and beyond – I mean way beyond! With decades of material, there’s a lot for this queen to proclaim!

Now what about you?

If you have a story from midlife and beyond to share, please let us know at We hope you join us by subscribing below.

It’s time to strap on those ruby slippers and enjoy this journey with us!


Meet Author Julie Osborne

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